Piper Jaffray analyst says Apple in talks with manufacturers for TV screens


This Apple Television rumor just won’t die. Steven Musil at CNET is reporting that the oft-quoted Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that Apple is in talks with screen manufacturers.

“We recently spoke to a major TV component supplier who has been contacted by Apple regarding various capabilities of their television display components,” Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster wrote in a note to investors today. “We see this as continued evidence that Apple is exploring production of a television.” Munster said previous evidence included meetings in Asia earlier this month that led the analyst to believe the company was getting ready to invest in the manufacture of LCD screens ranging in size from 3.5-inch mobile displays to 55-inch TVs. A contact “close to an Asian supplier” told Munster last September that prototypes of an Apple TV were already in the works.

Firstly, analysts are rarely, if ever, to be trusted. They are notoriously terrible at guessing what Apple is up to. Secondly, even if Apple is approaching manufacturers about screens, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see an Apple Television — let alone an Apple Television any time soon. If true, these discussions could simply be Apple doing research on the market. That said, let’s hope that they really are working on making an Apple Television.

I have regular dumb displays in my home. They are simply receptacles for HDMI devices. If Apple can do something different and make a television that offers more than the Apple TV plus dumb screen set up, I know I’d consider buying it. Many of you are in the same boat, and so you’re looking for evidence that it will become a reality. It’s just too early to know if the Apple Television is real, though. Just remember to take what analysts say with a grain of salt.

Source: CNET

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