Path rolls out update, includes Nike+, Music Match, and Pow

Those fine folks over at Path have rolled out another major update, this time bringing Nike+ and Music Match integration to the social network.

Nike+ Integration

Path has built in support for getting your information from Nike+ GPS, available later today. The application will let you share a map of your run with your friends and family on the Path network.

Music Match

Music Match, a clear shot across the bow of a company like Shazam, takes an audio snippet using your phone’s microphone to determine what music is playing across the speakers in a room, and then hits up the GraceNote servers to provide you with information about the playing track. From there you can share what you’re listening to with your followers.


Path has also introduced a new $0.99 photo filter that will turn your images into a comic book-like photo. It’s fun, but I don’t personally see myself purchasing the filter for a buck, but that’s just me.

I love Path, but I have to admit that it’s been getting awfully quiet in my stream lately. I check it on a daily basis, but don’t find myself inputting lifestyle stuff into it as much as I expected I would upon its re-release a couple of months ago. I get the sneaking suspicion that most of the people following me are doing the same. There sure are a lot people checking out my photos and thoughts, but not too many of them are updating themselves.

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