Notification Tray is welcome in Foursquare

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The latest update to the iOS app Foursquare brings a rather welcome new feature in way of notifications. Now when a notification comes in, a single count in the upper right hand corner of the app is updated. A single tap on that counter reveals a neat tray of the various types of notifications. Essentially, this makes it far easier to see all your notifications without interrupting the flow, and your use, of the app. Think of it as being somewhat like Notification Center for iOS, but only for Foursquare.

What is interesting is that this feature actually came out first a short while ago for Foursquare’s Android app. A Foursquare update being pushed to Android before iOS is a first.

Foursquare is, of course, the ever popular ‘check-in’ service where users geotag their locations at, say, coffee shops, bookstores, parks, etc. The more often one checks in at a place, the higher their ranking becomes amongst others that check into said place. Eventually, one can attain the status of Mayor. Not only is Foursquare useful to see who else you know is in, or was, in a certain area at a certain time, but there is also the competitive game aspect in way of earning badges for various check-ins that makes Foursquare so compelling.

I’ve always loved idea of Foursquare and its badges, but I’m still not quite comfortable giving away my location on a constant basis.

Many people are though, and for anyone that uses the Foursquare app, the new notification tray is sure to make your day. (Hey, that rhymed…)

Source: MacNN

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