Norway Says Hell No To 3D Mapping Of Oslo From Apple

If you’re heading to Norway and hoping to use your iPhone to get some directions in 3D, you’re out of luck. Norway’s National Security Authority has banned Apple from taking 3D images of Oslo to include in Apple’s Maps application due to national security fears.

Appearing in a local paper (translated), the National Security Assembly in Norway commented:

We do not want it to be shooting with such a high degree of precision that can be used to identify areas that require special shielding. Photo shoot with this level of detail can provide knowledge about the safety measures that are not desirable that becomes available, said acting director Øyvind Mandt in NSM to Aftenposten … The military has some areas that are subject to restrictions, and it is also more sensitive objects newly classified as this by Security Act. We want more time to secure them in a sufficient manner.

Not really a surprise considering all the Prism news and new information popping up stateside these days about American tech companies and their involvement, or noninvolvement in some cases, in “spying” programs for the government.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey cc

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