New Web Apps Launch Officially, Adds Notes, Reminders And More

After Apple announced a slew of new iOS and Mac features at this year’s WWDC keynote in June of 2012, they also rolled out new web applications for developers to test. These apps include an updated Find my iPhone, Notes, Reminders as well as an updated webmail client. And while these features have been available to developers for quite some time, they’ve finally been added to consumer accounts today.

When logging into your iCloud account via, you will notice that Notes and Reminders have been added to your iCloud home screen. You should also notice that the Find my iPhone icon has changed slightly. Below we will be giving you brief overviews of each app and going over what has changed.

Let’s start with Mail. Mail has received a few small UI changes as well as the addition of a VIP inbox, which is present in OS X Mountain Lion as well as the upcoming iOS 6 firmware update. With the VIP inbox you can have your most important emails catch your attention first.

The Find my iPhone web app has also received some user interface changes as well as the addition of Lost Mode. Lost Mode allows you to lock your phone when lost and have a phone number display on screen. Your iPhone’s movements will also be tracked when in Lost Mode and you will receive email updates whenever your iOS device moves.

The web apps for Notes and Reminders are pretty simple and strongly resemble their counterparts on the iPad. The iWork web app has also received a very minor update that allows for easy access to your Pages, Numbers and Keynote files, which you’ve saved to iCloud via your Mac or iOS devices.

If you’d like to take advantage of these new features, just log into your account and take a glance at the home screen. After testing a few of these web apps out for myself, I’ve come to really like them. The interfaces are pleasant and the apps perform pretty well in the browser.

Source: The Next Web

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