Apple announces a Resolution Center for developers

Apple has unveiled a new section to iTunes Connect to ease the resolution of issues when a submitted application is rejected by Apple’s App Review Team.

Previously, Apple’s App Review Team would send an email to developers explaining the issue(s) in writing as well as attach any related screenshots to clearly indicate what needed to be changed in order to approve the application. The previous email system would work for firms that consisted of a single developer, but the process made it difficult for multiple users to truly see what was problematic.

Apple has changed this behavior. Instead of the developer receiving an email explaining what is wrong, Apple will be sending a direct link to the Resolution Center on the iTunes Connect site. The Resolution Center will effectively be the same as an email, but will be shown on the web instead and be accessible by more than just the individual developer

In addition to the developer receiving an email regarding the issues with the application, the administrative contact and technical contact will also receive an email, so the entire development team can be kept abreast of the status of a particular application, as well as the issues preventing the version submitted from being published to the App Store.

As a developer, I find this to be a much better means of communication. It means that the developer, technical contact as well as the administrative contact can be kept informed of any issues surrounding an application.

I just hope that we’ll get more information from the App Review Team in terms of additional steps to take to improve applications. I contacted the App Review Team and was less than impressed with the lack of information. I don’t yet see a link to the Resolution Center within iTunes Connect.

Article Via Apple Developer Blog

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