You Can Now Record Your Memories To Your iPhone With Brain Power

You may feel a little stupid strapping one of these Neurocam headsets onto your noggin, but if you think recording your every action is a priority, the Neurocam may trump your trepidation about looking silly.

Developed by the Neurowear team from Tokyo, the head mounted camera connects to your iPhone and then records what you’re seeing based on spikes in your brain activity. The Neurocam then engages once it recognizes your interest in something and records a five second clip of video that you can later access and share around your favourite networks.

What’s in the future for the company? “We aim to make the device more Smaller, comfortable and Fashionable to Wear. We Are Also Considering the Addition of a “manual mode” and automatic “effect function” on the software Side. The “manual mode” Will enable Emotion Tagging to Scenes, just Like GPS information or time Stamps That Are tagged to photos.”

While you won’t be walking around with one of these things any time soon, you can certainly see how brain activity could find a home in the “wearable” scene that’s exploding at the moment. Just thinking about an action could lead to a lot of automation in the future. Could you imagine turning a TV on with a thought, or changing a track on your iPad based on an emotional response to a song?

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