Miss The Tim Cook Q And A From All Things D? Read These Live Blog Accounts

I don’t know about you, but when Tim Cook took the stage at The Mossberg’s All Things D conference last night, it was well past my bed time. Anything after 9:30PM EST isn’t happening for me. That said, I spent a lot of time reading second-hand recounts this morning from a variety of news agencies that weren’t at the event. They were mediocre at best and extremely meta at worst.

That said, here’s a link to All Things D‘s live blog from the event. It’s not as good as Macworld‘s (Jason Snell kicked ass during the event), but considering All Thing’s D is putting on the conference and conducting the interview, it seems apropos to actually, you know, link to them instead of rewriting what other people were writing.

Anywho, you can check out the live blog from All Thing D‘s Ina Fried, and then go check out Macworld‘s as well. Both are great, and both did an excellent job of not only capturing what was said, but the tone of the discussion as well. Tim Cook unleashed some interesting tidbits about Apple, and where the company is heading, but he did it without talking specifics about future products. The man knows what he’s doing.

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