Loewe Denies Apple Purchase And TV Rumors, Stock Soars On Rumor

At some point between us shutting down our coverage for the weekend and starting up again this morning, rumors began circulating that Loewe, a luxury German TV manufacturer, was not only pegged for creating the mythical Apple Television, but that Apple was looking to acquire the company. Hilariously, five minutes after getting caught up with the weekend news (there was none), Loewe came out and told everyone that the rumors are unfounded. The news caused Loewe stock prices to soar yesterday.

It’s pretty cut and dry. Translated from German, here’s what Loewe had to say:

The television specialist Loewe has an American report on an alleged offer to purchase from Apple rejected. The blog “Apple Insider” was referring to an unnamed informant wrote , Apple sell 87.3 million euros and Loewe would make a decision until next Friday. Is the data “absolutely nothing to it,” a spokesman said on Sunday Loewe.

Like the iPhone before it, it seems like the Internet is trying everything in its power to willfully rumor the Apple Television into existence. Reports pop up, like the one suggesting Jony Ive has a huge prototype in his lap, and then they disappear to never be heard of again.

As much as we would love to see an Apple Television hit the market, and more specifically hit up my living room, we really have a hard time believing that we’ll see the device this year. It seems that the market is terribly small.

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