Macgasm TV’s Live iPhone 5 Keynote Coverage And Our General Gameplan

Live broadcasting by Ustream

Apple’s set to announce some new products on September 12th, and we’re going to be doing a couple of things to keep everyone in the loop during the event. We wanted to give you a heads up about exactly what we’ll be doing here during the iPhone 5 keynote, and how we plan on live streaming during the event.

Macgasm TV Live Stream

First, Brennan and Suzy will be hitting the studio during the keynote and live streaming during the entire event providing updates to anyone watching, as well as a running commentary and probably a whole lot of sardonic humor along the way. You’ll be able to interact with them as the keynote unfolds.

Check here for a video embed that you can use to stream our coverage.

Normal Article Coverage

We’ll also be posting updated information in a series of posts as the news breaks in our traditional fashion. We normally break the keynote up into relevant segments and publish articles as fast as we can.

Hit up our coverage page for all the articles when they break.

Follow Us On Twitter

Can’t watch a live stream, or access our site during the event? Have no fear, Twitter is here. We’ll be updating Twitter in real-time as the event unfolds along the way. Follow @macgasm and get your Apple keynote update 140 characters at a time.

We hope you’ll join us for our coverage, and we hope you have as much fun participating as we do bringing you this kind stuff.

Get your party hat, it’s almost game time!

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