More last-minute iCloud rumors surface concerning pricing, partners and a launch date

With Apple’s big WWDC keynote just days away, several new rumors about iCloud have surfaced, including rumors about payment and music streaming features.

CNet is reporting that Universal has signed on for Apple’s upcoming music streaming service. As it was reported a few days ago, Universal is the last major  label to get on board. Warner Music Group, EMI Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment are all reported to be onboard with Apple’s upcoming service. Amazon and Google have no such agreements in place for their cloud music services.

Initially, it is believed that Apple’s service will only support music purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

According to CNet’s sources, revenue from iCloud sales will be split, with the labels getting 58 percent and publishers receiving 12 percent. Apple will take 30 percent, as it does with App Store sales.

CNet does not expect for iCloud streaming to be available next week, but rather Apple will give a demo with a launch date “soon.”

LATimes is reporting that Apple may launch iCloud for $25/year, with ads on the service. Apple would more than likely leverage its iAd service for these ads, but to date, iAds seems to be underperforming. Currently ad-free, Apple charges $99/year for MobileMe. Of course, there hasn’t been much in the way of rumors about what will happen to existing MobileMe services.

Article Via Mac Rumors [12]

Photo Credit: Apple Insider

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