Judge Tells Apple, Samsung To Get It Together, Simplify Claims

Judge Lucy Koh is probably as annoyed as the rest of us when it comes to dealing with Samsung and Apple’s patent claims. While it may be a surprise to anyone just now tuning into the debacle, this is quickly turning into the lawsuit that never ends.

Bloomberg has the deets:

U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California, today told lawyers from both companies that they must “focus and streamline” their cases to 25 patent claims, or elements of the patents at issue, and 25 accused products. … “We’ll keep narrowing and narrowing,” Koh said. “You’ve already been litigating this thing for a year; you must know something about what’s your best case.”

This whole thing isn’t going to be resolved any time soon either. Another trial is schedule to happen in 2014, and both companies are fighting out an appeal to the original lawsuit overseen by Judge Koh.

We don’t even want to know what Koh really thinks about this trial behind closed doors. I certainly wouldn’t want to be her.

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