iTunes Music Goes Live In Russia, Turkey And Others

iTunes users in Russia, Turkey, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are now able to purchase music via the iTunes Store. Some users in these countries are also reportedly gaining access to iTunes Match as well as TV show rentals. This report comes just after Apple announced that they will be holding an invite only iTunes Music press event in Moscow tomorrow. At the event, Apple will likely officially announce iTunes Music in the country.

iTunes song pricing will be very different in these countries versus American and European pricing. Russian and Turkish iTunes users are able to purchase songs for as little as $0.50 per song, though some songs may cost more. One of the possible reasons for such low pricing is the fact that music piracy is a huge problem for Russian music labels. In fact, the Intellectual Property Alliance recently named Russia one of the biggest offenders when it comes piracy.

The iPhone 5 is also set to simultaneously launch in all of the countries listed above minus Lebanon today, so it’s no surprise that Apple chose to launch the iTunes Music store alongside the iPhone 5. Apple also reportedly wants to launch stores in Russia and Turkey in the near future.

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