Italian Apple Stores May Be Forced To Shut Down

Apple was recently in trouble with the Italian government over reportedly “tricking” customers into buying an extended two year AppleCare warranty. This is because the Italian government already provides a two-year warranty standard, which Apple wasn’t telling customers about.  Another difference is that Apple’s warranty only covers the product once usage has begun while the Italian warranty covers the device the second it leaves the box.

Apple was originally fined 900,000 euros for this offense but has decided to appeal. If Apple doesn’t come to an agreement and pay the fine, they could be slapped with another 300,000 euro fine and possibly have their stores shut down for 30 days. While I think this seems a little excessive on the side of the Italian government, I think that Apple may cave in and pay the fine of 900,000 euro ($1.2 million USD), as it is just a drop in the bucket in terms of Apple’s savings.

Source: Today’s iPhone
Image Credit: Capitan Giona

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