iPhone 5 Makes Time’s Top Gadget Listing, But Where Does It Rank?

It’s been an interesting year for Apple, and a lot of companies are nipping at its heels, but the iPhone 5 still managed to take the top spot as Time Magazine’s best gadget of the year (be warned, it’s a slideshow).

According to Time, the iPhone 5 is one of the most “artfully polished gadgets anyone’s ever built.” While our own Editor-In-Chief had to go through a couple of phones early on, we’re inclined to agree with Time. When the phone’s not scratched, and still has that nifty new iPhone smell, it’s undoubtably one of the best looking phones on the market.

Apple’s 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro also made the list, along with the Nest, Simple.TV, Samsung Galazy Note II, and Microsoft Surface RT. The Nintendo Wii U came in second place as well.

Read Time’s thoughts on the listings by following this link.

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