iPad Trade-Ins Increase 1015% Immediately After Yesterday’s Announcement

We like to think of ourselves as early adopters, but from the sounds of it we’re actually just part of the norm. According to NextWorth, a company that specializes in trading in your used electronics for cash, iPad trade-ins were up a staggering 1015 percent immediately following the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation announcement yesterday.

The numbers break down as follows: Of the 1015 percent increase, 66 percent of trade-ins were iPad 3 devices, 28 percent were iPad 2s, and the final 6 percent were the original iPad.

I’m all for getting rid of old tech before it ends up worthless. I sold my iPhone 4S immediately after purchasing my new iPhone 5; however, I also thought I was in the minority. Given the statistics from NextWorth, I have to start wondering if the majority of Apple faithful are actually early adopters. With an increase of 1015 percent, you may want to consider offloading your device as fast as possible if you plan on upgrading to one of the new devices. There’s going to be a substantial increase in supply.

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