You can now get an iPad 2 A.S.A.P.

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Whenever Apple releases a new product there is always quite a wait until an ‘average consumer’ can get their hands on their very own said shiny new iDevice. And by ‘average consumer,’ I mean anyone who isn’t willing to sit outside and wait in lines the day of the product’s release. The same was true when the iPad 2 was first announced. Apple can never seem to keep up with the demand, and if there is one thing about the company that irks me, it’s that.

That being said, it was only just reported today (yes, you read that right) that Apple has finally caught up with the demand for their iPad 2 and now promises to ship them within a normal 24 hours. It took them a ludicrous four and a half months, but they did it. Inventory at physical Apple Stores should start to rise as well, and there is the same ‘two per order’ limit as always.

Well, there you go. If you would like an iPad 2, Apple is finally okay with shipping one to you.

Source: 9to5mac
Via: BGR

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