Infographic: Just How Valuable Is Apple?

It’s hard to put some perspective on something as large as Apple’s value. This is why we have things like infographics and graphs. Statista has put together an awesome look at how valuable Apple is as a company, and compared the company to some of its competitors currently on the market.

Financially, Apple has demonstrated remarkable growth and resilience. Its revenue and profit trends showcase a consistent upward trajectory for the last few years. The company’s diversification, including expanding into services and wearable technology, has further solidified its financial stability and market dominance. Apple’s stock performance reflects its robust financial health and the confidence of investors in its future prospects. This financial evolution mirrors Apple’s journey from a small startup to a global tech leader, underscoring its significance in the technology sector.

Apple, a company that began in a garage in 1976, has grown into an industry titan, increasing its stock value by more than 8000%. The launch of the iPhone in 2007 shook the smartphone industry and changed consumer communication, which can be easily seen in the graph.

The infographic helps to put some sort of fathomable perspective on the situation. Clearly I should have purchased stock back in 2002 (I don’t actually own Apple stock).

Source: Statista
Hat Tip to Richard Bukovansky for sending this bad boy in to us!

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