iCloud Beta Adds New Web Apps

Yesterday, the iCloud beta site was updated for developers. And while these changes were leaked before WWDC, it’s good to know that they’re available for use now. These new services include Reminders and Notes, while Find My iPhone and Calendar have been heavily updated in both functionality and user interface.

The new Find My iPhone web app allows you to put your iPhone into a “Lost Mode”. Lost Mode allows someone who has lost his or her iPhone to send a phone number to the lost device. The person who finds the device can then tap on the number and call the owner. Find my iPhone has also been redesigned from the ground up. Notes and Reminders look almost identical to their iPad counterparts. The functionality is basically the same as well. Calendar has received a few minor updates, but nothing big.

All of these beta apps integrate with their iOS and Mac counterparts by way of iCloud. The iCloud web apps also feel very much like iOS apps as the interfaces are basically mirrored.

9to5mac has also found a Notifications menu within the iCloud beta settings. And while you can enable notifications for Calendar and Find My iPhone, they have yet to do anything like showing a banner or pop-up notification. We should expect to see notification support in the final release of these new iCloud features this fall.

Source: 9to5mac
Image Credit: 9to5mac

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