iCloud 2.0 For Windows Available Now


Hey, Windows users! Yes, you. We know you don’t get very much love here, but we do have some good news. iCloud version 2.0 for Windows is now available for download.

Not only can you sync bookmarks and use mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks with either Outlook 2007 or 2010, but Photo Stream works seamlessly with your photo library. Shared photo streams, even notifications and comments, are completely functional with version 2.0 of iCloud installed. Keep in mind, you will need to have either Vista or Windows 7 installed. No XP support here, everyone.

Sadly, you still can’t create an iCloud account using Windows. You’ll need access to an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac with fairly recent software if you want to initialize your account. Because iCloud is a free service, it does make sense that Apple wants to control who has access, but it does make it somewhat of a hassle if you’re a Windows user with an iPhone — you’re stuck setting up the account on your handheld instead of your glorious desktop with a full keyboard.

Of course, it’s free, and only a 45 MB download. It’s worth installing, if only for Photo Stream.

Image Credit: Karen Ka Ying Wong

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