Huzzah: Apple Removes Vague Unreleased Product References In Plist Files


Apple’s removed key file information from plist files in the latest beta version of iOS, and frankly, we can’t help but laugh really, really loudly. In the past, bloggers would dive into these .plist files looking for vague and rumor-worthy mentions of future products like iPhone 6,1, or Apple TV 3,1, which they would then turn into a rumor post at some point. As of today, these .plist key tags are filled with information like “Unknown Hardware – Apple Mobile Device”, and “unknownHardware.”

Long story short, Apple doubled down on its secrecy (video), and a million rumor bloggers all cried out at once (that was the brief noise you heard around noon EST). Or, it could of been the sound of us laughing. Either way, LAWL.

Source: TUAW
Image Credit: Macstories and TUAW

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