Humble Indie Bundle 5 Now Live, And It’s Great

The Fifth Humble Indie Bundle is now live, and it includes some of the best indie games of all time: Psyconauts, LIMBO, Amnesia, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. Hell, if you go and pay more than average for the bundle (currently just over $7.00), you’ll also walk away with Bastion as well. All of these games have been tremendously successful, and they’re worth picking up.

You pick what you pay, and how that money is then divided between developers, the Humble Indie Bundle group, and the Child’s Play Charity. You can choose any amount to donate, and then customize how you would like that money split between the three groups.

It gets better though; the games are also cross platform (Windows, OS X, Linux), and you also get FLAC and MP3 versions of all the games for free. So long as you actually pay more than a dollar for the games, you’ll also get Steam codes so you can unlock the games from your Steam account.

There’s pretty much ZERO reason why you shouldn’t head out there and pick the bundle up. Treat yourself, pay some awesome developers, and more importantly, put some video games into the hands of sick children in hospitals.

Gett’r done.

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