Gaming on iOS: Not as big as you’d think

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According to a new survey, iOS gaming might not be as potent as previously supposed. Sure, the difference between the Top Ten iOS Games list in the App Store and the Top Ten Overall list is usually null, but that just means that games within iOS are popular.

Specifically in relation to tablet (read: iPad) gaming, buyers surveyed seem to give the overall impression that they are still planning on buying a separate device to use for the sole purpose of gaming. Think PlayStation, XBox, Wii, and the like. That’s not to say that they may not also play a casual game here and there on their iPad, but that’s just the thing. Gaming on the iPad, and surely iOS in general, has been and will continue to be simply casual. I don’t really think any hardcore gamers would ever be satisfied with just an iPad, however much Apple may want to believe otherwise. Let me be clear here though — I am so totally not a gamer (because we all know that LEGO Star Wars does not count), but I don’t think that I’m at all wrong in my assumption here.

Just like we saw with Kindle, single purpose devices will always have a place in this world, however big or small.

Source: Industry Gamers

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