First Russian Apple Store To Open In 2013?

As Russia starts to accept some capitalist views, the Moscow shopping scene is growing. Because of this, Apple has their sights set on growing in this emerging market. Russian news outlet Kommersant is reporting that a new Apple Store will be opening in Russia soon. Apple will also start to sell products directly in Russia via the Apple Online Store. As of now, Russians can only purchase Apple products via an unofficial third-party like eBay. We hope to see both the Apple Online Store and a physical Apple Store open in Russia next year.

If you remember, in 2010 former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev met with Steve Jobs to tour the Apple campus. The purpose of this trip was to bring more high-tech businesses from the United States to Russia. After this trip a group of Apple employees headed to Russia to seek out retail space, but according to CNET, nothing materialized out of this visit. However, this may change soon.

This will not only help Apple grow their product outreach, but it will also give the Russian public access to better computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Source: Kommersant via Today’s iPhone via CNET
Image Credit: The Pug Father

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