Firefox team releases Firefox 5 public betas

The more than 400 million users of the ever-popular Mozilla Firefox browser will be glad to hear that the team has released an official public beta of Firefox 5, available now for download. The company recently introduced the Firefox Aurora development channel which allows users to have instant access to cutting-edge releases, with more convenience and ease of use than was previously available. This marks the beginning of a more rapid release cycle for Firefox. The team plans to release more cutting-edge features, performance enhancements and other updates at a faster pace than it has done in the past.

The new Firefox 5 public beta has been in testing in the Firefox Aurora channel for over a month, and is now ready for public testing. This release allows users to quickly switch between development channels to test each stage of Firefox development and choose the one that they are most comfortable using.

This new beta promises added support for CSS 3 animations, a more usable do-not-track feature, in addition to dramatically increased support for HTML 5, faster and more advanced JavaScript and other up-and-coming Web technologies. The new browser is supposedly also dramatically better with its memory consumption, requiring far less RAM and processor usage to keep many tabs open simultaneously.

As usual, users should be aware that when testing beta software some risks are involved, and if you value stability and reliability, you may be better off using the current release of Firefox 4. That said, if you’re interested in seeing what the future of Firefox has to offer, you can download it now.

Article Via Mozilla Blog

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