Financial Call Day: Apple To Announce Q3 2014 Earnings At 5PM EST

Apple will be rolling out the details about its Q3 2014 earnings today in a financial call set to take place at 5PM EST. While the results will hit the wire a little earlier in the day, you’ll be able to listen in on a call with Tim Cook and his posse on the company’s investor webpage. There will be a live stream that you can listen in to using iOS or QuickTime on your Mac.

There’s not a lot we should expect. There won’t be any mention of future products or hints of where the company is heading, but you’ll be entertained nonetheless with stupid questions from analysts who clearly have no idea how Apple operates. You’ll also hear a lot of numbers.

If you’re up for some LAWLs, you should tune in at 5PM EST.

Someone needs to get on a drinking game for this thing. Like, any time Gene Munster mentions TVs, you drink 1/4 of a shot of Tequila. You’re guaranteed to be drunk by the time this is done.

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