There’s plenty of peripherals on the market for connecting instruments to iOS, but what there is very little of, outside of Midi Keyboards, is guitars with built-in USB connections capable of plugging into an iPhone or iPad.

Fender has just announced a new version of its Squier series guitar that has a normal 1/4-inch plug for a typical patch cord, but also a USB-out that interfaces with the iPad and iPhone, as well as a headphone jack so you guitar maestros can hear your licks as you play them

The guitar is available on Apple’s online store as well as the Fender website for $199.00. If you’re a beginner looking to increase your shred speed, hearing yourself over a recording is a great way to learn from your mistakes.

Now if I can just ask Fender to build a Jazzmaster with this technology I’d be all in for a new axe.