Fender Releases Squier Version Guitar That Connects To iPad And iPhone

There’s plenty of peripherals on the market for connecting instruments to iOS, but what there is very little of, outside of Midi Keyboards, is guitars with built-in USB connections capable of plugging into an iPhone or iPad.

Fender has just announced a new version of its Squier series guitar that has a normal 1/4-inch plug for a typical patch cord, but also a USB-out that interfaces with the iPad and iPhone, as well as a headphone jack so you guitar maestros can hear your licks as you play them

The guitar is available on Apple’s online store as well as the Fender website for $199.00. If you’re a beginner looking to increase your shred speed, hearing yourself over a recording is a great way to learn from your mistakes.

Now if I can just ask Fender to build a Jazzmaster with this technology I’d be all in for a new axe.

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