Dropbox Enabled Apps Back On The Menu At Apple

After a couple of day of patching their SDK to alleviate Apple’s concerns, Dropbox has found itself back in favor with the company. Apple has begun re-approving applications that make use of Dropbox’s SDK. Last week Dropbox began seeing apps using its SDK denied from the App Store because customers were able to back out of the app and eventually land on a page giving the user an option for upgrading their storage space for a fee. That type of process is directly against Apple’s terms and guidelines for the App Store, particularly section 11.3, which reads, “Apps using IAP to purchase physical goods or goods and services used outside of the application will be rejected.” Like it or not, the Dropbox SDK was clearly violating Apple’s conditions.

Dropbox has worked to remove the offending parts of their SDK so that third party developers won’t have their apps rejected by Apple. Yesterday the Dropbox team updated their SDK, and this morning Apple’s apparently begun approving apps using the SDK.

What changed? The Dropbox team updated a forum thread with some details:

What has changed is if the Dropbox app is not installed, it opens a login view directly in your app rather than going to Safari, and there is no option to create an account. To facilitate this, we had to make a change to the SDK: instead of calling -[DBSession link] or -[DBSession linkUserId:] you need to call -[DBSession linkFromController:] and -[DBSession linkUserId: fromController:] respectively. The controller parameter controls where the embedded login view gets displayed if Dropbox is not installed. Once the user has approved your app, a call to app delegate’s url handler will be called as if the app were installed.

It looks like the problem was exactly what we expected. It also appears that some of the apps that were previously rejected are back in the approval queue, so it’s only a matter of time until we find out if the latest SDK is up to Apple’s standards. We’ll keep you posted if we hear otherwise.

Via: The Next Web

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