Despite Recent Obituaries, Huge Crowd Shows Up To Check Out Re-Opening Of Apple Store

A lot of people have been quick to point out that Apple, as a company, is on the way out. According to pundits, the company is no longer innovating, losing out to Android, and on a downward spiral towards irrelevance. Despite far-fetched, page view inciting rhetoric, for a company that’s dying on the vine, there sure were a lot of people hanging out in Austin to check out the opening of a remodeled Apple store. Yeah, that was remodeled and not brand new.

New Apple stores draw large crowds. The first Apple Store opening in Sydney, Australia, comes to mind. But when was the last time you saw people lining up to check out a re-opening of a remodeled Apple store? According to the Mac Observer, the Austin Apple store saw over 1000 people waiting in line to check out the retrofitted store.

Can you believe that? 1000 people, waiting outside of a store to check out a remodel at a dying company. This can’t be true.

What’s wrong with this picture? Something isn’t quite right. Either a company is dying and nobody cares about it any more, or pundits are painfully wrong again. Care to take a guess which of those two things may be true?

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