Controversial Genius Ads Yanked From YouTube


Apple introduced some, ahem, interesting advertisements during the first weekend of the Olympics. They featured an Apple Genius in whacky scenarios talking about how awesome Apple products are with the viewers. Let’s just say that the critical reception of these ads was less than universal praise. Apple stopped airing the commercials on TV, but the ads had remained viewable on YouTube, until now.

If you try to visit the YouTube URLs (like this one, that one, and the other), you will be greeted with a displeased emoticon telling you that the video is now marked as private.

Hopefully Apple realized how flawed the ads were, and will think harder about the next sassy ad campaign they try. The “Get a Mac” campaign wasn’t without controversy, but it was iconic and amusing. This most recent attempt seems almost Microsoft-like with its lack of taste. In any case, let’s just be glad Apple dropped this campaign, and we won’t have to endure other brands making painful parodies. Heck, do other companies even have a name for their support techs? Probably not. This might be an issue of culture mismatch between Cupertino and the rest of the world.

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Source: MacRumors

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