Company Behind WordPress Buys Up Simplenote Company

Automattic, the people responsible for WordPress, has announced that it has just purchased Simperium, the company best known for its popular note-taking application Simplenote. Matt Mullenweg doesn’t see the purchase as only a talent acquisition, and instead it seems that Automattic plans to extend the product.

According to All Things D:

“Mullenweg said he first wanted to invest in Simperium, then wanted to do a deal with them, then ultimately acquired the company to get access to the “brilliant” team and make sure their service was backed up by Automattic’s systems and infrastructure.”

Like Akismet, and Gravatar before it, Mullenweg expects to add SimpleNote to their developer based services. As for SimpleNote, it seems that the overall plan is to release more applications on more platforms, and to focus deeper on Simperium’s data syncing services.

Everyone wants a piece of the cloud, and it sounds like Automattic just acquired its own little slice of pie in the sky.

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