Christmas Comes Early At T-Mobile, Getting The iPhone In 2013?

Love T-Mobile, but can’t get beyond the fact that the company doesn’t carry the iPhone? Have no fear, T-Mobile has just confirmed that it has reached an agreement to start carrying “mobile products” from Apple in the new year. T-Mobile seems to have gone out of its way to avoid specifically mentioning the iPhone; however, it seems unlikely that this much hubbub would be had over carrying a 3G iPad.

In a press release filed on T-Mobile’s parent company website, it was announced that an agreement is now in place: ” In addition, T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013.” It may not mention the iPhone directly, but honestly, at this point what else would it be about?

We’re willing to bet that T-Mobile will begin selling the iPhone, and at the very least it could begin once the next generation iPhone is released sometime in 2013. T-Mobile’s network wasn’t up to snuff for Apple’s iPhone, but the company has been investing heavily in rebuilding it. The new network is expected to be HSPA+ based, and completely compatible with Apple’s iPhones that work on a 3G network.

Once that new network is finished, we’re pretty sure we’ll hear an announcement that the company has begun selling the iPhone. It’s only a matter of time at this point.

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