CBS takes a look back at Apple’s history with pictures

If you think you’ve been an Apple fan for a long time, you may want to compare your memories against CBS News’ gallery of Apple computers, which dates all the way back to the beginning… including that beauty in the photo above. Just check out the resolution on that baby.

This gallery covers almost everything Apple’s put on the market since 1976. From smooth woodgrain cases and some downright fugly ergonomic designs, the masterpieces of our favorite Cupertino tech company are all on parade. It’s interesting not just to point and laugh and say, “This must have been released from the time when doctors did TV ads for cigarettes,” but it’s also an interesting arc showing the rise and fall and rise again of Apple’s innovations. At first we see the home-made dreams-made-relatity of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and then the gradual decline into beige boxes that almost killed Apple. Then again, the rise into the current generation product line that appeared under Steve Jobs’ instructions, including the iMac and, of course, the iPhone.

Note: I may possibly have done a tiny bit of Photoshop work on the screen of this antique Apple computer. Just saying is all.

Source: CBS News

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