Best Buy matching Apple’s $100 gift card promotion

If you’re annoyed that you won’t be walking away with a nice new iPod touch after purchasing a brand new Mac for back-to-school this year, you may want to try your luck over at Best Buy.

Best Buy has heard your complaints and instead of giving you a gift card to the Mac App Store, they’re giving you a 100.00 Best Buy gift card with every purchase of your new Mac. You might not be able to walk away with an iPod touch, but you can certainly get one severely discounted.

To qualify for the offer you need to be either a student, registered as a student for the fall, a teacher, or a parent of a student. If you meet one of those criteria, and you’re buying a Mac, you’re $100.00 richer today.

Personally I’d take the Mac App Store credit over anything else, especially when considering you have to purchase your Mac from Best Buy to get the $100.00 gift card deal. The last time I purchased a Mac from a Best Buy (before there was an Apple Store anywhere near where I lived) the Geek Squad was trying to convince me to buy a recently returned laptop. After leaving and coming back into the store 20 minutes later, they informed me that they tried the computer out in the back, and that there was nothing wrong with it.

Yeah, you see, what I really wanted was to buy a laptop that the entire staff was playing with in the back of the store, for god knows how long. I’d rather buy my Mac from a reputable company, not one that people complain about on a daily basis, but that’s just me.

Article Via TUAW

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