Barnes & Noble wastes no time, releases touch-based Nook to compete with Kobo

Nook Touch

Just yesterday we covered the new kobo touch reader, a new touch-based eReader from Kobo, in partnership with Borders Books. In that story, we noted that the new touch-based Kobo reader was superior to Barnes & Noble’s Nook, because touch input was superior to the rather kludgy input system on the Nook. Barnes & Noble didn’t waste any time in remedying this problem however. The company announced its new touch-based Nook eReader today, developed in cooperation with design firm Ammunition, Inc.

The new Nook boasts a high-quality 6-ink e-ink display, with full touch functionality. This allows Barnes & Noble to make the new Nook smaller than the old one, which in turn makes it lighter and easier to hold. They have also rubberized the back of the device, adding a slightly concave area to the inner portion of the rubberized back of the device. This is designed to allow you to hold the device very easily with one hand, gripping it with your fingers around the back. The new device looks completely different from the old one, and seems more squarish due to the total lack of controls on the front of the device.

The new Nook is based on Android 2.1, but you won’t really notice because the entire interface is e-ink-based and is fully customized so as to not look or feel like Android at all. Overall, the new Nook is lighter, smaller, and much easier to handle than the old one. This is likely to make it even more of a hit with fans of traditional books, in addition to those of the original Nook.

The new Nook will go on sale June 10 and will sell for $139.

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