Given the rulings in the Apple versus Samsung case, would it be any surprise if the Google CEO and Apple CEO were negotiating a truce when it comes to patent infringement claims between the two monster companies? According to an “exclusive” obtained by Reuters, Larry Page and Tim Cook have been holding behind-the-scenes conversations regarding intellectual property matters.

From Reuters:

[quote]The two companies are keeping the lines of communication open at a high level against the backdrop of Apple’s decisive legal victory in a patent infringement case against Samsung, which uses Google’s Android software.[/quote]

While the details are sparse, considering the big, bold exclusive tag on the Reuters post, the news outlet does mention a previous and upcoming conversation between the two CEOs. Reuters speculates that a truce could be getting negotiated, and that a dispute between Google and Apple could be settled out of court.

Given the fact that Apple just gave Samsung a right-hook to the tune of $1.05 billion dollars in damages for the latter’s infringement on Apple’s intellection property, things could be settled a lot cheaper out of court.

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