Apple’s score with Greenpeace “Green Guide” improving

If you’re like me, you have mostly been oblivious to Greenpeace’s “Guide to Greener Electronics”, but apparently Apple has scored a healthy 4th place — a leap from their 11th place position of four years ago.

The guide is intended to point out which of the tech big boys are part of the problem and which are part of the solution, environmentally speaking. Apple’s feedback from Greenpeace is positive, but leaves room for improvement: “Up five places, Apple is now a joint top scoring company on green products and relatively strong on sustainable operations, but scores poorly on energy. “

Ahead of Apple on the Greenpeace “Green” scale are Nokia, Dell and HP, and behind them are Phillips, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Acer, LGE, Toshiba and poor, beleaguered RIM. Interestingly, the meter of “Green” is ranked on a 1-10 scale, and none of the tech giants are really knocking it out of the park: HP, who takes a distant lead over competitors, still only ranks just below a 6/10, and RIM sucks up a shameful 1.5/10. So it seems that even though Apple has demonstrated that progress is being made, there still seems to be miles yet to go.


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