Apple’s New Store Schedule Pushes Employees

Those who have visited an Apple Store will know that the huge crowds can put a heavy weight on employees’ shoulders, but tightening Apple schedule rules may be making things even tougher.

ifoAppleStore reports on some new scheduling directions from Apple that redefine weekends as Friday-Saturday-Sunday (whereas before they were just Saturday-Sunday) and require employees to work two of three weekend days (whereas before it was just two). The changes affect the store’s Family Room, Red Zone, Creative and Genius areas and the Specialists who work within them.

Here’s a bit more from ifoAppleStore:

The new rules will also squeeze part-time workers, raising their minimum weekly commitment from 16 hours to 24 hours. While the increased hours and pay might be welcome for some employees, the new rules could also serve to limit second job possibilities. The rules could also create conflicts for part-time workers with education, family or other on-going commitments.

Employees who are already at Apple are obviously going to have to stop and look at their non-work schedules to see if Apple’s new system can be accommodated, and part-timers will have the biggest problem in that taking a second job to make ends meet will be a lot harder than it was before. Apple, without a doubt, is aware that departing employees can be quickly replaced. Nevertheless, Apple fans will quickly notice whether or not the new scheduling approach has any impact upon service quality. Let’s hope not.

Source: ifoAppleStore


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