Apple’s New $199 iPod Touch Now Available Internationally

After releasing a 16GB, $199 iPod Touch in the United States last week, Apple has started to roll the device out internationally. The device is now available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and China amongst others.

Unfortunately for international buyers, they won’t be getting the same $199 deal American customers are cleaning up with lately. English Apple customers can expect to drop £159, or $273, for the iPod while purchasers in Hong Kong can will have to shell out HK$1588, or $205, for the iPod.

Apple released the new 16GB iPod Touch last Thursday in five different colors at a price-point of $199. Previously, the 16GB iPod was rear camera-less, only offered in gray, and sported a price-tag of $229. The new iPod Touch features both front and rear cameras and is, according to iFixIt, internally identical to its 32GB and 64GB counterparts.

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