Apple’s iPad kicking enterprise printer companies square in the nuts

A brand new study, conducted by Morgan Stanley, has found that 46 percent of “respondents” have found that they have begun printing less since they have adopted tablets around the office. And since Apple’s iPad is the tablet of choice in the enterprise, much to the chagrin of RIM, it’s probably fair to say that the iPad wound up and kicked printer companies square in the junk.

From Apple Insider:

41 percent of tablet users said they viewed print reduction as a “main benefit” of tablet adoption, according to the survey. Among respondents who said they printed significantly less, 79 percent chose decreased printing as the key benefit of the tablet … As a result of the move away from printing, analyst Katy Huberty predicts a roughly 3 percent decline in developed market laser supplies. She noted that Lexmark, Ricoh and Konica Minolta, which all have exposure in corporate laser printing, are the most “structurally challenged” by the drop. Fujifilm, Canon and HP could also see minor negative impacts.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t mind those greedy ink shills getting kicked where it hurts the most, in their pocket books. I hope I never have to buy a printer again. I wouldn’t complain one second. I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

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