Apple’s iconic 5th Ave store to be rebuilt after upgrades

According to Apple Retail watchdog ifoAppleStore, the famous glass cube will be coming down during renovations.

The upgrades, set to cost a $6.6 million, include new pavers in the courtyard and re-worked water drains. Additionally, workers will be removing protective bollards around the base of the cube, which is the opening to Apple’s large underground retail space.

It is unclear if the cube — which cost $7 million to install back in 2005 — will also be receiving upgrades, or if it is being taken down for safety reasons during the construction. Last year, Apple trademarked the design of the store. The company revealed during that process that if the 5th Ave Store were to close, Apple would remove the 32-foot high glass cube.

The project is expected to be complete by November.

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