Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas launches in Canada and Europe

Apple has launched its “12 Days of Christmas” promotion-sale-thingie in Canada and Europe but, oddly, not to American residents (many of whom, ironically, think Canada and Europe are the same thing).

The promotion lasts (surprisingly) 12 days and runs from December 26th to January 6, and involves downloading the 12 Days of Christmas app. Every day, the app will “surprise” you with a gift of a free digital download from the iTunes store. They’ve kicked it off with Coldplay’s live EP from the London iTunes Festival. According to Apple Insider, you can sign up for daily email alerts if you don’t have an iOS device.

P.S. Yes, I know the image I used with the article is stupid. My install of Photoshop is acting up and this is the best I could do. Get off my back.

Source: Apple Insider

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