Apple worth the same as Microsoft, HP & Dell Combined

Crikey. There’s just no stopping Apple it seems. General market valuation for the company puts them at $301 billion. If we factor in the market value of Microsoft, HP and Dell ($200.3 billion, $72.8 billion and $23.3 billion respectively), you can see that the world’s hottest tech company is leaving its rivals in the dust.

We already knew that Apple recently overtook Microsoft in actual revenue, as well as in the less accurate valuation sense, but this is the first time that the Cupertino based company has topped its rivals in one fell swoop.

Market capitalization wise, Apple’s ahead of Microsoft by around $100 billion. That’s the same as the total market cap as Amazon and Adobe combined. Another indicator of Apple’s brand power is the fact that Intel’s entire market capitalization figure is around $115 billion.

In layman’s terms? Apple is storming to success and there’s nothing its rivals can do about it, no matter how hard they try. Microsoft is just helpless, even at the hands of IBM.

And with iCloud, OS X Lion and iOS 5 on the way, it’s just going to get richer and richer.

Article Via TechCrunch


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