Apple on the war path against app piracy

Avast! Apptrackr, a repository for cracked iOS apps, is under attack from Apple’s legal team. After a thorough indexing, Apple has begun peppering the pirates with takedown notices. This turn of events has forced Apptrackr’s hand, and they are now moving their servers to more piracy-friendly countries. Because of the increased cost, the service can no longer be sustained on user donations alone. App pirates are now being subjected to advertising.

Honestly, I’m glad these pirates are on the run. I’m no fan of DRM, but Apple’s implementation is damn-near friction free. The only legitimate reason to use a service like Apptrackr is to get around having to pay Apple and the developers. Plain and simple, they are in the wrong. Developers put thousands of hours into their apps, and they depend on sales to keep food on the table.

iOS wouldn’t be the great ecosystem that it currently is if developers couldn’t make money. As responsible consumers, I sincerely ask you to support application developers by purchasing their applications or via donations. If iOS becomes a haven for piracy, the devs will go somewhere else, and none of us want that.

Source: Cult of Mac
Image Credit: miss karen

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