Apple updates its developer tool, Xcode, to 4.0.2


Apple has released a minor update to its Xcode developer to bring the version up to 4.0.2. Apple, in its usual fashion, is very vague with what has been changed in this version.

There are only two release notes that indicate any changes. The first is “Fixed a bug with OpenGL apps running in the iOS Simulator on some Macs.” This is probably the change that will affect most users, since having an emulator that produces spurious issues while trying to build an application is not very conducive towards actually building an application.

The second release note is “Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.” This is just standard Apple release note information to let us know they fixed some security bugs with Xcode, but are not willing to disclose to the general public what these fixes actually entail.

This is a minor update that every developer should download. We can presume that Apple is working on a new version of Xcode to coincide with whenever the next version of iOS is released.

Article Via TUAW

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