Apple To Begin Replacing iPhone 5 Screens For $149

Apple will begin to replace iPhone 5 screens in Apple Stores for $149. This offering is a part of Apple’s plan to reduce the costs of AppleCare by $1 billion per year. Apple discussed these plans at a Town Hall meeting last month. Plans for $149 iPhone screen replacements have surfaced via a tipster who reached out to MacRumors. Later, a post on the Modmyi forums member confirmed the new AppleCare repair service.

Previously, iPhone 5 users with cracked screens would have to pay $229 for a replacement phone. However, now that Apple is offering in-store screen replacements, users will no-longer need to purchase a new phone, hence making the service cheaper for Apple and its customers.

According to MacRumors, Apple will start to offer more in-store repairs come this July. These repairs should include the iPhone’s camera, the logic board and the sleep/wake buttons. Aside from repair services, the publication has reported that Apple may switch to a subscription based AppleCare service that will cover more than one device.

AppleCare is Apple’s in-house repair service that services iPhones, Macs and other Apple products. One year of the service is included with eveyr Apple product, though users can opt to add additional years of the service for a fee. AppleCare servicing can be performed at an Apple Store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider or via a mail-in service.

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