The Munster Is Still Going On About Apple Televisions

At this point it’s starting to feel like one of those bad rashes that just won’t go away. Gene Munster is still going on and on about Apple releasing an Apple Television. According to the Munster, it’s no longer a matter of “if” Apple will release a television, but now it’s a question of “when” the company will ship one.

The bottom line is that evidence including our checks this week and over the past two years with component suppliers, Tim Cook’s D10 interview, Steve Jobs’ biography, and third party reports all point to Apple working on a television,” Munster wrote in a note to investors on Friday. “We believe ‘if’ has been decided and now the question is ‘when.’

There’s a good chance that the when is never, and the decision from Apple is to not build a television. Munster believes the company will sell 55-inch screens, in the same vein as their Cinema Display, for approximately $2,000. The TV would include Siri integration and have an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen.

Man, $2,000.00 for a television is a bit steep, even if it did ship from Apple. This time around there are no carriers to subsidize the cost of the television, which means consumers would be on the hook for all $2000.00 of the sale.

If I could be honest for a second, I don’t use Siri on my phone, so I doubt I’ll use it on my television, but I do own a Cinema Display, albeit the previous version that was all brushed aluminum. That said, I don’t think I’d purchase another Cinema Display any time soon considering the cost of the displays. These two reasons alone are enough for me to confidently say that I doubt I would purchase an Apple Television.

However, should these television actually be real, and ship at $2000.00, Apple wouldn’t be too far off on the price of the televisions. The Toshiba 55L6200U Smart TV sells for about $2,099.99 and the Sony Bravia KDL55EX720 3D LED HDTV starts at about $2,399.99. If you’re in the market for a new TV at 55-inches, then an Apple TV may be exactly in the price range you’re looking at down at the local Best Buy.

Sadly, I don’t have the space to dedicate an entire wall to a 55-inch television.

Via: AppleInsider

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