Apple Television, will it be in our future?

Since Apple released the Apple TV four years ago, both Apple loyalists and analysts alike have been predicting that Apple will release an all-in-one Apple Television.  This is one market that Apple has not yet fully entered.  This is soon going to change if one analyst is correct in his latest of many Apple TV predictions.

Piper Jaffray’s Senior Analyst Gene Munster “…believes Apple will enter the TV set market by the end of next year.”  Personally, I take this prediction with a grain of salt.  For starters, Munster has been predicting this in his research notes for quite some time now.  Either he knows something the rest of us don’t, or this is very wishful thinking on his part.  I personally like the fact that I can take my Apple TV and place it on any television I want in my house.  If I had an Apple Television, I would be bound to consuming content from that TV only.

Moreover, this is a device that is best suited to not being integrated into a Television.  I would say that is probably one reason why Apple sold one million Apple TVs since its release back in September.  They can sell more units because they are small and inexpensive.  This, in the long run, will be more appealing to customers.  I can outfit my three TVs with Apple TVs for $300.00, whereas if Apple only sold Televisions, I would be paying a lot more than $300.00.

Will Apple ever make a Television?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Do I think they will come out with one by the end of 2012, as Munster is predicting?  Probably not.  I feel that Apple will have to really turn its hobby around, and really start to invest more into it.  They have started by adding Netflix and other photo sharing services for the Apple TV, but not enough for a Television.  What are your thoughts? Are you pro or con?  Do you like the Apple TV in its current state, or do you want Apple to do more with it?  Let us know by sounding out in the comments below.

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