Apple Takes The Golden Snitch With Potter Exclusives. 

I am a huge iBooks fan, I think that Apple’s always had a better vision for what eBooks could be. However, it’s mostly been stuck as second banana to the Kindle for most people. Apple announced today they are partnering with JK Rowling to bring the enhanced eBook versions of Harry Potter exclusively to iBooks. They were previously only available via Rowling’s Pottermore site. Each of the books will be $9.99, and are available today. That should do a lot to get people to try iBooks again.

“I’m thrilled to see the Harry Potter books so beautifully realised on iBooks for the digital world; the artwork and animations in these enhanced editions bring the stories alive in a delightful new way,” said J.K. Rowling.

“Harry Potter fans are going to love how their favorite stories come to life,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “J.K. Rowling’s legendary series is perfect for enjoying on your iPad or iPhone and we’re thrilled to offer them exclusively on the iBooks Store.”


Source: Apple

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