Is Apple struggling to make an impact in the video streaming market?

It’s not always easy for Apple to walk into, or even create, a market and acquire instant domination. Video streaming is one area we’ve seen Apple attempt to crack in the last year, with the release of the revamped $99 Apple TV. However, Apple has yet to make a huge impact in the video-on-demand market with a relatively small 4% share in U.S. Netflix is currently sitting pretty, with a healthy 61% market share, according to market research outfit NPD.

10,618 U.S. consumers aged 13 and older were surveyed, so while this data isn’t by any means conclusive evidence that Apple is struggling, what it does make clear is that Apple has some way to go before they catch up to Netflix.

In my opinion, the main reason for this is that  the Apple TV seems to be an afterthought by Apple. Apple TV sometimes starts games, but is often left on the bench, and not the subject of the lengthy and aggressive marketing campaigns we see when a new iPhone or iPad is released. That’s not to say it’s going to be a failure for Apple. Slow and steady development of new products is something that Apple is good at, and the release of iOS 4.3 has brought vast improvements to the AirPlay functionality, which could lead to greater Apple TV sales. I haven’t been bothered too much by the Apple TV in the past, but iOS 4.3 has brought it up a few places on my shopping list.

Article Via Boy Genius Report

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